Things People Say About Early Childhood Educators (And Why Some of Them Are Dead Wrong!)

Things People Say About Early Childhood Educators (And Why Some of Them Are Dead Wrong!)

After 7000 thousand educators walked off the job on September 5, we got a few far-fetched comments. Let us educate you.

“Your campaign for higher wages for babysitters will inflate the cost of childcare, pushing it out of reach of low-income families. $22/hr is enough; some Americans are on $7.”

Nope. Early childhood educators are NOT babysitters. Every single child-facing early childhood worker requires a MINIMUM of a Cert III in early childhood education – and most have higher qualifications. Workers in equivalent male professions get $40 an hour. And you're welcs if you want to move to America for cheaper childcare – good luck getting that hip replacement without Medicare.

“Fair dinkum they've got a cheek asking for more money. Just because they got to change nappies, educate kids, be punctual, work late if a parent forgets about the kid being at centre, be able to diagnose ill health, get sworn at etc. etc.”

Okay. We think this guy was joking.

“I get the feeling if they called themselves au pairs they might get more attention.”

Damn right!

“Hi. Just after a clarification. When you request “Equal Pay”, what exactly would you like the pay to be equal to? Do you just mean a pay rise? Genuine question, not trying to antagonise.”

Good question! When early childhood educators attempted to win equal pay, they argued metalworkers were being paid $40/hour for equivalent qualifications. We still believe this is a fair yardstick for our early childhood educators – especially when some are being paid $22 an hour.

“I understand childcare workers wanting better pay but I don’t understand you guys framing this as an equal pay issue, it’s not.”

See above!

“Let them walk off and keep going the lot of them. As a parent try asking one to help after 3pm - I bet you get nowhere.”

Wow. Mr Crankypants! We have been overwhelmed and humbled by the support we have received from parents. Check out this piece by The Parenthood’s executive director Alys Gagnon.

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