Tougher penalties for assaults on emergency workers

Tougher penalties for assaults on emergency workers

Safety for Emergency Services
The people working to save lives shouldn’t have their own put at risk.

Unfortunately, that’s all-too-often the case for Northern Territory Paramedics, Patient Transport workers and Fire Fighters.

Paramedics and firies have been banding together in their Union to lobby the NT Government for tougher penalties for those people who assault them on the job.

And they’ve won.

The Territory Labor Government will introduce stiffer penalties for assaults against all Territory Emergency Service workers, including paramedics, patient transport officers and fire fighters.

“Let me be clear, the safety of our ambulance workers is paramount and the Territory Labor Government will not stand for any abuse, violent or otherwise, directed at our first ­responders,” Natasha Fyles, the Minister for Health said.

Erina Early, United Voice Northern Territory Secretary, said enough was enough.

“We’ve been hearing from our Emergency Services members that they’re feeling vulnerable while they’re out there, doing their best to help people who are in trouble,” she said.

“They’ve been crying out for tougher penalties as a further detriment to those that could assault them. And it’s a good thing the Government has listened.”

A job you can count on means one where you get home in the same condition as you left.

United Voice's paramedic, patient transport officers and firies have just taken a big step towards securing theirs.

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