Chances of success increase at casino

Chances of success increase at casino

Treasury members speaking up to win a job they can count on.Over 600 team members at Treasury Casino attended United Voice workshops to fight for a job they can count on.

Team members discussed issues such as career progression, job security and being valued at work.

Organisers were overwhelmed at the level of participation and passion shown during the workshops.

58 new members joined their union at the meetings from departments and roles including chefs, food and beverage, safety and security, gaming, hotels, cleaning, stewarding, private gaming room and housekeeping.

Over 500 people participated in a survey issued before the workshops.

This is a great example of building a strong community to fight for improved pay and conditions at a diverse website.

A big United Voice welcome to our new members and congratulations to the team at Treasury.

By making your voice in your workplace as strong as possible - you're taking huge steps to win a job you can count on.

Start your journey toward a job you can count on here.

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