Winning Off The Back Of Workers

Winning Off The Back Of Workers

Workers Making Sure Their Voice Is HeardVictoria’s election showed the power of workers. 

The landslide re-election of the Victorian Labor government last weekend was, in no small part, due to the significant reforms won by United Voice members over the last four years.

Members from every industry - cleaning, security, manufacturing, early childhood and ambulance - stood up and spoke out about the issues they were facing. They marched on the streets and lobbied in the halls of parliament... and it paid off for those politicians who listened and acted.

United Voice members’ wins include portable long service leave for guards and cleaners, an end to Liberal’s war on paramedics, and the introduction of a labour licensing system that’ll curb dodgy subcontracting practices. 

Members were able to get election promises from the government on wage theft legislation, an inquiry into the security industry, increased funding for ambos, and free TAFE for early childhood educators. 

Then they got out on the ground and supported those policies.

The result?

A massive victory for United Voice members and workers all over Victoria.

That’s worker power - to make politicians listen, then campaign for those that supported these vital workplace changes.

Congratulations to Daniel Andrews and his team for listening to workers and acting on what you heard.

Every Victorian needs a job they can count on.

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