Union members keep on keepin' on! Members won. Management threatened to take their win away. Members fought back. Members won again... and got paid to celebrate!

In November 2018, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital catering staff took action against managements ongoing refusal to allow catering staff to elect and be granted TOIL for public holidays.

They were being required to complete numerous application forms for each public holiday and were being regularly denied their entitlements.

Through their action and meeting with management, the issue was resolved and Support Staff at SCGH were able to elect to take TOIL for PH and will have the same access to TOIL in the same way they have been accustomed to for many years.

However, four months later, support workers had to again fight for these entitlements as management retracted their resolution.

Members were ready to do what it took to get their TOIL entitlements and a stop work meeting was planned for all support staff.

As a result of their union power, the night before the action, management took back their retractions and gave workers their TOIL entitlements.

The stop work action then became a paid union WIN meeting.

When we stand together. We win. 

Stand with your colleagues in your union here. 

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