So just what is a job you can count on?

So just what is a job you can count on?

Excellent question

Jobs You Can Count On are at the centre of everything United Voice does.



Oh, right-right-right-right

Every bit of work union members and officials do – walking off the job for equal pay, campaigning, advocating for increases in the minimum wage, taking legal action against wage theft – everything is geared towards ensuring everyone has a job they can count on.


To have a job you can count on, it’s got to be SECURE and SAFE.

Called into Work

It’s a job you know will be there next week, next month and next year. It’s a job where the hours won’t be cut at the drop of a hat.

Workers deserve to know that they’ll come home from work in the same shape they left.


Workers have to have a VOICE

respect kid

A Job You Can Count On is one where the boss respects workers not just as individuals but as a collective.

It’s one where your right to be a union member and work to improve your working life is understood, accepted and facilitated.


and a Job You Can Count On has to have access to LEAVE and workplace ENTITLEMENTS and yeah... it’s got to have decent PAY too.

You need to make plans to take time off, look after your family, and deal with life.

count that money

It’s not about being loaded - it’s about having a job that allows you to support your family, have options to own a home, and retire comfortably one day.


And the first step to ensuring yours is a Job You Can Count On?


mighty ducks fly together

Because everyone deserves a job they can count on.


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