What Is This "Holiday" You Speak Of?

What Is This "Holiday" You Speak Of?

It’s a bright, clear morning and you’re on your way to work, fantasising about taking a week off to idly sit in the sun. Maybe you’ll even go somewhere new. Fiji? Vanuatu? 

Then reality hits you.

You’ve been working in the same role for three years, but your employer’s reluctant to take you on permanently. Instead you’re stuck as a “permanent casual”, with no paid leave or entitlements to your name.

Sound familiar?

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In Australia, our access to paid leave has been compromised. Around 30% of our workers do not even have the ability to take paid leave. Growth in casualisation and sub-contracting has meant a large section of our workforce simply cannot take a break from their jobs. That’s not OK.

In fact, it’s our lowest income earners who are the least likely to have access to leave. In 2015, over 60% of people on an income under $40,000 did not have access to paid leave, compared to only 20% of those earning over $150,000. This is just one of the many ways inequality is being entrenched in our labour market.

It’s also a huge road block for people trying to start a family and plan for the future.

Our right to paid leave is increasingly being treated as an optional extra. Soon, the ability to take a break from work may be confined to a very small, elite part of the population.


Australia’s unions are fighting against this shift.

United Voice’s Jobs You Can Count Oncampaign is fighting to protect leave entitlements for all Australians.

The ability to take leave allows us to look after our families, to clear our heads and set up a life we can be proud of.


It was a strong union membership that won these rights in the first place and we’re fighting to preserve them. Stand with us!

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