Winning formula for Queensland ambos

Winning formula for Queensland ambos

The wins keep on coming for Queensland ambulance officers, thanks to the hard work of dedicated United Voice delegates across the state.

On top the recent budget boost for extra ambo positions, in the past month Queensland ambulance delegates have fought for and won a range of outcomes to ensure members have jobs they can count on.

These recent wins include:

  • Conversion of 7 casual patient transport officers into permanent roles
  • Recognition of Low Acuity Response Unit (LARU) officer pay level, and successful back pay
  • Assistance with compassionate transfer, making the process easier for a member in need
  • Delegates representing dozens of members with workplace issues, ensuring they know their rights.

Strong union delegates are the backbone of any workplace, and should be your first point of contact for support or assistance.

This year alone, Queensland ambulance delegates have followed up around 80 issues.

Every single day, it is delegates like these who are ensuring union members have secure jobs; decent pay and conditions; and a voice at the table.  

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