An App that Empowers Workers

An App that Empowers Workers

United Voice has been trialling an app that allows workers to navigate through their Enterprise Agreement like a personalised search engine.

NSW casino member, Grant, shared his thoughts on how the app, WorkIt, has improved his understanding of his rights at work.

"WorkIt is an app I have on my phone that lets me access my Enterprise Agreement. I use it to find out information about my sick leave, leave entitlements, and what percentage increase I can expect in my pay.

WorkIt makes navigating my Enterprise Agreement a lot easier. And the app is constantly learning. Whenever someone types in a query that the app cannot answer, it’s directed to an organiser or member who is able to give you the information you need. The app also stores this information in case the same question is asked again.

Having access to WorkIt has definitely improved my knowledge of the conditions and pay I’m entitled to. Having something clear and concise on hand when I’m not sure about, say, when I can take leave, ensures I know my rights.

I can see apps like WorkIt taking off in the future. Having the information you need about your job ready-to-go on your phone is an incredibly convenient way to stay informed."

United Voice is always on the look out for innovative, accessible ways to empower workers. WorkIt has had a promising roll out among casino workers in NSW; its reach is expected to expand in the near future.

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