Workers snubbed, but not forced to take leave

Workers snubbed, but not forced to take leave

XXXX snub workers, but at least they weren't forced to take annual leaveXXXX brewery workers have been part of ongoing enterprise bargaining negotiations with Lion, the international parent company that owns the iconic Queensland beer.

Last week, the beer company celebrated their 140th birthday with an exclusive event at the Brisbane brewery, without inviting any of their loyal brewery workers.

What’s even worse is that management tried to force staff into using their own annual leave, without consultation, to keep them away from the site during the event.

United Voice sought the help of the Fair Work Commission to ensure this didn’t happen. As a result, XXXX workers were given a range of options to suit them on the day, without being penalised or losing their leave.

Workers still didn’t get to join the celebrations, but it was a small win along the way as the fight for good secure jobs continues.

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