Your say on the wage crisis

Your say on the wage crisis

The Fair Work Commission has announced an increase of just $0.64 an hour for people on the minimum wage. 

The wage rise is the result of hard work by union members but it is not enough to stop the wage crisis. The decision leaves almost 25% of Australian workers living on the bare minimum with little prospect things will get better.

A job without wages you can live on is not a job you can count on. United Voice members know that wages aren’t keeping up and this announcement just shows how much we need to change the rules.

Tell Malcolm Turnbull about what a PROPER wage rise would mean for you and your family, and what steps need to be taken to ensure yours is a job you can count on.

SUGGESTION -Things you might include:

  • Tell the Prime Minister what you do and how much you earn (roughly) and how hard it is to make ends meet on your wage.
  • Tell him the actual cost for your family – your kids’ footy boots, petrol in the car, putting proper food on the table etc.
  • Let him know what a job you can count on would mean to your family’s life

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